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 The purple witch of Despair

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PostSubject: The purple witch of Despair    Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:11 pm


Guns: Salem Ascending
Beast Within Forms: Cockatoo, Bobcat, and a flurry of spiders
Infernal Sponsor: Madama Widow

When the umbra witches were in their prime, Pomyle had been one of the best, her style of fighting leaning more to the defensive rather then the typical offensive of her sparring opponents. Po's mother had been distant growing up causing her to seek the attention of her fellow witches which often times ended in rejection for the young witch, harshly affecting her confidence and stability even today. With lack of much social structure growing up, Po focused almost all her free time training and perfecting her defensive fighting style which had been the trick to catch the attention of her Madama.

Po's close friend and rival had been the more stronger witch Venera, coming from a powerful family of elders for their clan, the friendship was unusual with Po being low in prestige, which often caused tension between her and the other witches. Though her loyalty and strong feelings towards Venera kept Pomyle returning, Venera becoming her exclusive sparring partner. That undying loyalty never faltered during the night the umbra witches fell finally to the witch hunts. Pomyle risked her life to save Venera, expecting the perish with the rest of her umbran sisters that night after she had preserved her most treasured friend.

After attempting to put a dent in the angel onslaught, Po  had been terribly injured. She managed to escape the chaos, pulling herself to a nearby cliff and throwing herself off into the ocean below, it was there she found the underwater cave where she put a ward on herself. Remaining there for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Until she recently awoken to a future, loss of memory and nowhere to go. She had been picked up by a passing boat, where she was dropped off in a lonely fishing village where she remained until traveling to Russia.

Po's personality is soft and gentle, taking pleasures in the simple things in life and the new modern world around her. Memories from her past still come in spurts which some of them can often be frightening and startling her for well over a few hours. Shes easily excitable and if something stresses her enough it can send her into a raging panic attack which can shut her down completely. Most of her mental instabilities come from her PTSD from the witch hunts, others from how she was raised within the clan. Po also falls victim to nightmares which lead into night terrors from the horrors she witnessed during the witch hunts. Despite her misgivings Po is kind and caring and would do absolutely anything for those she cares for.

~~Madama Widow~~

Madama Widow also known as Lady of Loss and deprivation

Widow was once a noble at some ambiguous time (named something else obviously), and by noble I mean she married into it, and you know how nobles were all they wanted was boys to be their heirs. And the man she married, probably a duke of some sort wad just like that. He wanted a son from Widow, and Widow was intent on giving him one. But instead she had a little girl. Widow loved this baby, she adored her little daughter whom all her time went into doting over her. Her husband was not happy, he did not get his son and he could not get Widow to have another child for him. Their little girl had gotten sick shortly after and Widow was distraught and demanded for her to see a doctor. But the Duke refused, and her daughters conditioned worsened and the Duke refusing treatment for her saying it was not serious, their little daughter finally passed without treatment and it threw Widow into a deep depression. She later finds out her husband planned for this to get widow to have children again, so she agrees to sleep with him again, giving him his wish. And then brutally murdering him right in the middle of it. She's convicted of course and put to death for the murder of her husband.

Widow now resides in her own little spot in inferno, her time in the dark trinity has left her personality twisted from when she was alive. Widow is short tempered and easily agitated, often giving Pomyle a hard time in getting valuable information out of her, expecting only the hardest to kill angels in return. That aside Widow is protective over her witch, pushing her to try harder to reach the potential she knows resides within Pomyle and often gets enraged when Po fails to see that within herself. Widow also has a gentle spot for young children and human babies, though as to why has long since been forgotten.
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The purple witch of Despair
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