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PostSubject: Alexandra    Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:46 pm

Alexandra (Alex)

Umbra Witch

Animal Forms
Caracal, Saker Falcon, Swarm of Yellow Jackets

Alexandra vaguely has an idea of what she is. She's young comparatively to other witches. She's able to transform into her caracal and yellow jacket beasts within, but not the others, yet. Alex is rather rebellious in terms of listening to orders coming from others. She's traveled all over the world thanks to her animal forms, which she uses to get across different places and to hide on ships to cross oceans or hop on the back of trucks. Her hair is a light blue and it falls over her right eye. The left side of her head is shaven save for the back which is short.

Alex is usually rather loud to voice her opinions and is rather stubborn when it comes to people telling her what to do. She thinks she knows it all and never wants to admit when she's wrong. She loves to play pranks when she can, then acts innocent and will do everything to show that it wasn't her. Her curiousity usually over comes her cautiousness, which causes her to get into to trouble more than she'd like to admit.

Her weapons consist of two pistols that are embroidered with a fancily drawn A. The pistols rest on her thighs in holsters she fashioned together herself. She's dubbed them Zchis Esiasch (They are the brothers).
These are the only weapons she has currently.

Although she barely has any idea of what a witch is and that she is extremely strong. Her father left shortly after he knocked up her mother and her mother was left to raise Alex herself. When Alex was fourteen, her mother fell deathly ill and was only able to tell Alexandra that she was an umbra witch, and that she had to protect herself and never stop moving. Shortly after her mother died, Alex left her home and went traveling, just as her mother told her to. She spent a long time wondering exactly what an umbra witch meant to her. What was her purpose. Since she was one umbra witch an her mother was another, the only logical step was to seek other witches. So, from that moment, she sought out other witches. Although, her attention fell upon the news cast from Russia. The new leader that came years later for her, made her seek out a way to meet this woman, who she somehow had a weird feeling about. A feeling that she /had/ to meet her.

Madama Viper

Lady of Hatred

When human, Viper had everything she could ever want. She had a husband, two children, and a wonderful house. She lived in the lap of luxury and could have anything she wanted if she asked. She tried not to let the luxurious life over take her, but it was hard not to when her husband spoiled her. However, one day there was a knock on the door. What was behind the door changed her life forever. Everything went black after a sharp blow to her head. When she awoken, she wasn't sure how long it had been, but she immediately went to look for her children, who had been in their rooms playing when she answered the door. Unfortunately, when Viper rushed to her children's bed room, they both lay on the ground, gun shots to the head. Over come with grief, her first reaction was to tell the police and find her husband. However, all was not as it seemed in her life. Her husband was, in fact, missing from work. The police found a hostage letter in the kitchen that Viper, in her panic, missed. It explained that they had Viper's husband and thanks to his cheating them out on their money, their children were dead and they were ready to kill him if the amount of money was not met. The police insisted that they talk it out after going to the specified place and time, but Viper demanded that something be done by force. She had gone with them to the place to try out a bargain, but when they came out with her beaten husband, Viper snapped. She screamed that it was his fault that their children were dead and that her whole life was a lie. After a heated talk, Viper grabbed one of the policeman's guns and pointed it at her husband. She swore that she would kill him and avenge their children for what he had done. The hatred that dwelled within her did not rest even after she pulled the trigger. It didn't fade when she was also shot. As she lay on the ground, bleeding out, she cursed everyone in the premises and swore she would see them all in hell. The sadness and anger that she died with carried into Inferno when her human body transformed into an infernal demoness.

Madama Viper is always in a rather hellatious mood. Angered at most things or little things that even mildly irritate her. She's the least pleasant Madama to be around, seemingly. Viper still curses those who deceived her, but mourns still the loss of her children. Never had she really gotten over it. When asked of her past, she will turn hostile and refuse to answer any of it. Due to her rather rough demeanor, it's difficult for Alex to get information out of her, no matter how hard she bothers her Madama about it. She likes to resort to violence if the situation becomes dangerous.
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